Friday, December 30, 2011

Take 5 with "Bathing and the Single Girl"

McCarthy, star and director

As we gear up for the Oxford Film Festival 2012 to be held at the Malco Studio Theater on Feb. 9-12, 2012 and also at the Lyric Theater on Saturday, Feb. 11 as part of the Oxford Music Festival line-up where we will show music films, videos and a panel on music + film, we thought we might introduce you to some of the people behind the movies we can't wait to show you. For the full schedule and description of the films, visit

Meet Take 5 filmmaker,  Christine Elise McCarthy, writer, director and actress of “Bathing and the Single Girl,” a narrative short at the festival.

Q. 1: In 140 characters or less, describe your movie and why someone should see it.

A: BATHING AND THE SINGLE GIRL was initially written to be performed live; simply read in front of an audience (UCB Theater; Naked Angels).  One of these readings was video taped by a friend and, upon seeing that recording, another friend suggested we shoot it as a short.  This friend and I shot on February 4 and March 24, 2010 and I then enlisted a second friend for three additional days of shooting -- July 30, September 22 and October 13, 2010.   BATHING AND THE SINGLE GIRL hadn’t been conceived as a film & no changes were made to the original text to accommodate the new format.  This presented several artistic challenges as did the fact that I had no money to spend. 

It was made for the cost of pizza & wine with a crew of TWO.

Q. 2: Biggest lesson learned in getting the film made? Best part in getting the film made?

A:  You can make a film - at ANY budget - if you are resourceful enough.

Q. 3: Tell us about you. What is your movie making background?

A:   Originally from Boston, I have been acting professionally for 22 years. I have been seen on many televisions shows, most notably "ER," "Beverly Hills 90210," HBO’s "Tell Me You Love Me," "Law & Order: SVU," "China Beach" and "In the Heat of the Night." My film credits include many indie projects, including Route 30 and Mojave Phone Booth, as well as Boiling Point andVanishing Point (both with Viggo Mortenson). As a writer, I have three episodes of "Beverly Hills 90210" to my credit.  I have also appeared at the Los Angeles comedy theaters Upright Citizens Brigade and Naked Angels, reading comical true-life essays.  I have been on the selection committee of Michigan’s Waterfront Film Festival for all or its 13 years and a juror at several regional festivals all over America.   Bathing & the Single Girl, is my first effort in producing / directing.  This year - I completed a novel based on the short film and signed to a NY based literary agency (Dystel & Goderich)  for representation.

Q. 4: What's your dream distribution plan for the film?

A:  It is a short.  Distribution itself is a dream.
Q. 5: What does the future hold in store for your film and for you?

A: MY BOOK!!!!!!!    An international best seller!

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