Monday, March 02, 2009

Moving Midway: Get Your Own!

As seen in the 5th Oxford Film Festival (2008), now available on DVD!

MOVING MIDWAY, directed by Godfrey Cheshire
New York film critic-turned-filmmaker Godfrey Cheshire returns home to North Carolina and finds that his cousin Charlie Silver proposes to uproot and relocate the family ancestral home – Midway Plantation – to escape urban sprawl. Cheshire also comes across history professor Robert Hinton, who reveals that his grandfather was born a slave at Midway.

As Cheshire and Hinton explore the plantation mythology embodied in our cultural history – from Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Gone with the Wind to Roots – Charlie meanwhile follows through on the Herculean feat of hoisting Midway several miles across a forbidding landscape.

But this event’s drama leads to an even more startling surprise: the discovery of 100 African- American cousins that Cheshire and Silver never suspected, potent proof of America’s long buried but increasingly important status as a mixed-race society.

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