Saturday, December 01, 2007

Notifications in process.....

Today is the day I dread most every year: filmmaker notification day. Not because it is time consuming (though to be honest, it is), but because it isn't easy to tell talented people that you are essentially rejecting their film. Because a film is never JUST a film: it's a representation of the efforts of many people. The proverbial village, if you will. From fundraising to screenwriting, casting, scheduling, filming, microphone-holding, editing, packaging, mailing, marketing... it's more than just writing a short story.

But we only have 3 screens for 2.5 days of films and panels (because the fourth day is for "festival favorites" and repeats), so mathematically speaking, we can't take everything. Even prize winners from other festivals. Even stories about really special people. Even films that use super cool techniques.

Of course, I'm also sending notifications of acceptances today and tomorrow. Obviously, that is more enjoyable.

I am sending out individual emails today, and will also send impersonal blasts through Withoutabox. If you have not heard from us by 6:pm EST on Sunday, December 2, you might want to check your spam filter.

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