Thursday, July 20, 2006

Number Crunching: post-earlybird

The Earlybird deadline passed over the weekend, and we have received 3 plastic postal bins in the last week. We have started the initial screening process on entries we've received over the summer, but we expect that as the Regular deadling approaches in September, we will be swimming in padded mailers before too long.

Here's what we've received so far:
164 entries via Without A Box, 5 entries using paper entry form.

Of the WAB entries:
Animation = 8
Documentary = 39
Experimental = 8
Feature = 16
Music Video = 5
Short = 77
Youth = 5

Since the Earlybird deadline, another 48 films have been submitted in various categories, but until they actually arrive, we can't really count them.

We are very excited by these numbers, but we also know that we have a lot of hard decisions (and possibly fist fights among the co-directors) before it's all over. Because while we have these really interesting entries in multiple categories, we will only be able to accept about 10% of them.

Stay tuned!

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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.