Friday, January 06, 2012

Take 5 with "Frontman"

Ben Hyland, director

As we gear up for the Oxford Film Festival 2012 to be held at the Malco Studio Theater on Feb. 9-12, 2012 and also at the Lyric Theater on Saturday, Feb. 11 as part of the Oxford Music Festival line-up where we will show music films, videos and a panel on music + film, we thought we might introduce you to some of the people behind the movies we can't wait to show you. For the full schedule and description of the films, visit

Meet Take 5 filmmaker, Ben Hyland, director of narrative feature “Frontman.”

Q. 1: In 140 characters or less, describe your movie and why someone should see it.

A: Frontman is a mock-u-musical. A group of old school friends reunite a soft rock band twentyfive years they split up. The men, now all middle aged, share lifes trials and tribulations in this little comedy with a huge heart. Frontman is a musical jounrey of five strangers becoming friends for the second time. If you like music, laughing and crying (happy tears) then come along and watch Frontman. 

Q. 2: Biggest lesson learned in getting the film made? Best part in getting the film made?

A: Making a feature film was the steepest and quickest learning curve of my life. Logistically organising a crew of 30+, a cast that ended up spiralling into hundreds, keep focused on telling the story that I set out to tell. I think the biggest lesson learnt and the best part of getting the film made is the same answer. The fact that it was possible in the first place. The fact that we were able to squeeze a feature film that is accepted into great festivals like Oxford and received well in the UK and in the US is the ultimate pay off.

Q. 3: Tell us about you. What is your movie making background?

A: I always wanted to tell stories. I was always the kid in school trying to make the other kids laugh. Importantly I love movies. I honestly don't remember ever wanting to do anything else. I played around with a camera when I was growing up. I ultimately decided to study film at University and I have been writing and making shorts ever since. Frontman is my debut feature film.

Q. 4: What's your dream distribution plan for the film?

A: As a filmmaker I really just want as many people as possible to watch the film. This is a my goal. We have some interest in the UK for a limited independent cinema release in 2012 but nothing is 100% at the moment. Having some kind of DVD release in the US would be amazing.

Q. 5: What does the future hold in store for your film and for you?

A: At this stage we still have a few more festivals we're waiting to hear from. After that it will be pushing for a release and seeing how far it can go. At the same time we're working on a couple of very exciting projects  that will go into pre production in 2012. At the moment life in increibly exciting.

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