Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer Series, Week 6: Lightbulb

Join us at the Lyric on Monday, July 6 for the next installment in our summer series: LIGHTBULB. Show starts at 7:00pm -- $5 at the door.

LIGHTBULB is a story of hope and persistence in the face of hard times. Matt is a small-time inventor looking for his big break. He and his slick-talking salesman partner Sam keep plugging away after that one idea that will become a phenomenon and bring them riches. After years of failure, Matt's long-suffering wife Gina, who has always been supportive, is beginning to succumb to the reality of the growing debt and demanding that Matt look for steady employment. It doesn't help that Matt, with Sam's prodding, has a tendency to gamble away the money she has invested in the business. Will Matt be able to hold on for that burst of inspiration that makes his dreams come true and keep his wife by his side? Based on a true story (written by Mike Cram, based on his life); directed by Jeffrey Balsmeyer.

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