Sunday, February 10, 2008

Congratulations to our festival nominees and winners!

At last night's award ceremony at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, the Spirit of the Hoka award was presented in the following categories. Nominees are listed; winners are in bold (and red).
Animated Short
  1. Canvas
  2. Egg Ghost
  3. An Introduction to Lucid Dream Exploration
  4. Papiroflexia
  5. Shuteye Hotel
  6. Voodoo Bayou
Documentary Feature
  1. Beyond the Call
  2. The First Saturday in May
  3. I Love Hip Hop in Morocco
  4. The Listening Project
  5. Moving Midway
  6. Nobody
Documentary Short
  1. Gimme Green
  2. Testing Hope: Grade 12 in the New South Africa
  3. Weeding by Example
  4. When the Light's Red
Experimental Short
  1. Another Word for Family
  2. Five Cents a Peek
  3. Glimpse
  4. Passing
  5. Testing the Undertow
Mississippi Film
  1. Another Word for Family
  2. Forgotten Coast
  3. Mississippi Chicken
  4. Sorry We're Open
Music Video
  1. Good Morning Herr Horst / Mando Diao
  2. Kiss and Ride / Dynamite Walls
  3. Temporary Virgin / Ringo Shiina
Narrative Feature (also presented with a voucher from Kodak for film stock, up to $1000)
  1. American Fork
  2. The Elephant King
  3. Kabluey
  4. Quiet City
  5. Summer Scars
Narrative Short
  1. Aquarium
  2. Droomtijd (Dreamtime)
  3. Goldfish
  4. The Pipe
  5. The Heist
The audience award was presented to: The Elephant King

Festival winners and a handful of nominees will be rescreened this afternoon alongside The Dixie Hummingbirds: 80 Years Young and The Jesus Guy. Also, we will re-attempt our screening of Blue Mountain, as there were technical difficulties on Thursday night.

Check the schedule listing....

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