Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Purgatory House: Get Your Own!

Purgatory House, directed by Cindy Baer, written by a then-14-year-old girl, and featured in the Third Oxford Film Festival (2005), is now available on DVD.

After appearing in 22 film festivals, receiving 11 awards and 2 Prism Nominations, and being recognized on 7 "best films of the year" lists by critics, PURGATORY HOUSE will find it's home in the world today, where people all over the United States and Canada can easily find the movie on the shelves of their local video stores. It is our hope that with this opportunity, our film will make a positive impact on other teens, and maybe even save lives.

Purgatory House should be available at most video stores including Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and Netflix, as well as smaller independent stores. You should be able to order the movie online at most movie sites like Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. Or you can order DVDs from the Purgatory House website directly for a larger discount at www.purgatoryhouse.com/store

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You are so sweet! Thanks for posting this!
Cindy at Purgatoryhouse.com