Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Annual means every year, right?

So if you are an annual film festival, but you take a year and a half between festivals and continually change the date, can you really (in good conscience) call yourself an ANNUAL festival? This has been on our minds lately.

The Third Annual Oxford Film Festival was held September 6-11, 2005, but because of a number of factors, we collectively decided to postpone the Fourth until Februrary 2007 when we could be in the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, and when we would not have to compete with the Ole Miss football schedule. (It's not just that the city of Oxford is completely innundated and distracted, it's also that there are, literally, no rooms at the Inn for any filmmakers.) But then we were left without a festival in 2006. So can we still call ourselves an annual festival?

We've placed the order for the 2007 poster with Hatch Show Print in Nashville, who did the posters for years 2 and 3, but we left off the word "annual" -- so it is just "Fourth Oxford Film Festival". On our website, however, the logo remains "Fourth Annual Oxford Film Festival", mainly because we cannot change it (which is another issue altogether). So what gives?

a). We like to keep everyone guessing.
b). After the next festival (2007), we intend to return to an annual schedule.
c). We are convinced that nobody really cares.
d). All of the above.

Carry on.

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