Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Filmmakers who love us/who we love (a multi-part series)

Darren Goldberg, Jesse Scolaro, Brant Sersen (7th Floor Films, NYC)

Darren and Brant first came to Oxford in 2004 with their film "Blackballed: the Bobby Dukes Story," after we hounded them at the SXSW Festival in Austin. Their visit paid off for all of us: a Spirit of the Hoka award for Best Feature, the coveted Audience award, and several hundred new fans of what could be the most brilliant film of the new century (at least in my opinion). Thankfully it is FINALLY getting a wide release this year. They had such a good time here in Oxford that they brought "Blackballed" back for an encore screening in 2005, as well as Jesse's feature film "Deprivation." It looks like they've had more good news lately; we hope they'll find time to come back to Oxford when they're all famous and stuff.

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